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 Lsurah - Battle Queen

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PostSubject: Lsurah - Battle Queen   Tue 6 Jan - 18:09

Hey Guys!

Lsurah here! The one and only Battle Queen! lol! I have a few characters, so you'll see that Battle Queen title occasionally.

Im often seen with our Battle King, Zan, he is my husband and the love of my life. So if you expect I'd take anyones side over his, you would be wrong.  Razz

I am a fair minded person, and I have a strong sense of justice. I love helping people that want or need it but, I am repulsed by people with that sense of entitlement who just think someone else should do for or provide things for them. That isnt what the guild is for, we're here to help and will bend over backwards most of the time to do so. Not to be your personal bank or free GTN. If you have a question or need a hand, just ask in guild chat!


~Nosce te Ipsum et Tibi Ipsi Esto Fidelis~


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Lsurah - Battle Queen
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