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PostSubject: Killinem    Thu 8 Jan - 17:01

My name Is Jason and I have been playing video games since the early 80's with the Atari 2600.

My toons are Killinem (Assassin lvl 60) & Shadowcyn(Sniper lvl 53)

This is my 2nd MMO I have ever played and the 1st was Dark age of Camelot back In 2003.
I started playing SWTOR 2 months ago  with 7 other people from work. Well It turned out after 2 weeks most of them stopped playing and went to back to  WOW when they got their new expansion , I was pretty much left on swtor solo.
I got to lvl 60 In 10 days and didn’t know anything about playing In groups, lingo, or how to play with mechanics .
After been alone,wanting to do ops ,running hard mode fps , and getting kicked out of groups for not knowing my role or mechanics , I decided to  try and join a guild to help teach me what I didnt know about SWTOR and MMO's

This is my 2nd guild , I left my 1st guild because they only had 3 other lvl 60's that wouldnt grp with me ,and because no one believed I was lvl 60 and new to MMO's , and I felt I wasn’t going to learning anything there.( should of known something was up when my stronghold was better set up than theirs).

I'm glad I switched and like the people In the guild I have met. I have learned more In a week here then I have all 2 months I have played .

I'm helpful to others .because I feel when I was soloing I could of used the help myself . So If you see any of my tons on don’t be afraid to ask for help , I don’t mind at all running someone through a heroic for a HM FPS so they can get some up or gear .
I also don’t mind crafting anything to help someone else In the guild out(as long as I have the mats) . It's all about team work to me . So If your lvl 15 and want a 100k or If you want me to hold your hand and run your story mode all with you ,I am not the person to ask. If you want me to come kill your boss ,have crappy gear, or need help passing an area you cant seem to pass alone please feel free to ask, I don’t mind at all to help .

I'm glad I am here and hope to be a help to everyone.
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