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 oh so many suggestions...

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PostSubject: oh so many suggestions...   Tue 13 Jan - 18:18

well not that many

  1. Datacron runs
  2. one or 2 days specifically set aside to run low to mid level characters through Heroic, Flashpoints, etc. Have a sign up sheet like the Ops. Have the ones who need the runs list which ones they need. Have another sign up sheet for those who will volunteer to run the low level characters through, if needed.

  3. A Battle Cry as we go into ops  

from the mind of Cogerl affraid
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PostSubject: Re: oh so many suggestions...   Tue 13 Jan - 20:43

datacron runs we can do if someone wants to lead them......will be really easy now with the group transport ability we have with the flagship now...but mind you this cost 20k a pop out of the guild bank...and I did want to make a day dedicated to helping lowbies with fp's heroics and a sign up sheet would be good...just gotta get this forum more active!!!!!


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oh so many suggestions...
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