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 Killinem--Armstech 500 | Shadowcyn--Cybertech 500

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PostSubject: Killinem--Armstech 500 | Shadowcyn--Cybertech 500   Mon 19 Jan - 17:27

I can make several purples
Killinem - Skill barrel and Reflex barrels for from 19 to 36 purple
overkill Augment 36 purple
MK augments 1- 10

Shadowcyn--Skill,Force Wielder,Resolve,Might,& Reflex armoring purple's
keen , artful, and mettle mods purple's

2-  ear pieces for willpower and cunning 186( not sure of the names )

I have a few blasters and sniper rifles that are 186 for those on a budget

Both toons can make prefab kits they can make all prefab kits between the 2 of them, but synthetic prefabs if you need stuff for your strongholds  

my crafting list is pretty large i have almost all schematics im at least 85% of cybrertech And 90% for armstech

anything i can craft i do for cost of mats
lower levels feel free to contact me to gear up if i have the mats no charge
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Killinem--Armstech 500 | Shadowcyn--Cybertech 500
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