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 Conquest strategy

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PostSubject: Conquest strategy   Mon 19 Jan - 19:40

There are a few goals you want to meet in order to get the max amount of points during our conquest weeks

First goal: work on filling up your strongholds....this will give you a point multiplier for all of your conquest points..this needs to be a personal goal for everyone that wants to get conquest points!!!!

Second Goal: get a single toon to valor lvl 40 through pvp!!!!! this is necessary so we can win trade in ranked pvp and get a crap ton of conquest points!!!

Third Goal: Gather Gather Gather!!!! and I mean stacks upon stack upon stacks!!! I cant stress this enough!!!!! Crafting will get you ALOT of points!!!! even if you yourself don't craft there will be someone that can make points with your mats!!! there are certain mats you want to gather for each craft and are as follows

Synthweaving & Atrifice: for Holocron of strategy:  [Alien Artifact Fragment][Primeval Artifact Fragment][Primordial Artifact Fragment] for crystal capacitors:[Damind Crystal][Carbonic Crystal][Upari Crystal]

Armormech, Cybertech, and Armstech: for Armored Vehicles: [Electrum][Mythra][Durasteel] for Starship weapons: [Amorphous Carbonite][Zal Alloy][Turadium]

Biochem: for infantry supply kits: [Artificial Microbe][Viral Residue][Red Goo][Immunity Cell Culture] or [Metabolic Enhancement Agent][Biological Compounding Chemical][Mutagenic Paste][Neurochemical Extract]

These will each make one of the various War supplies which can be used to make an invasion force......when the time comes we need as many ppl as possible crafting as many invasion forces they can.....on most conquest weeks the invasion force is not repeatable but there are a few that you can get repeatable points for!!!!! If you have any questions about conquest plz ask away!!!!! the more informed you are the better we will do!!!!


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Conquest strategy
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