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 Lsurah's many skills

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PostSubject: Lsurah's many skills   Mon 23 Feb - 13:41

Hey guys!

I thought I'd finally post here, most of you know my skills so I didn't really bother posting. At any rate...

Anything end game I can either make or have made. That being said my main crafting skill is Artifice, I've made a lot of the end game relics for the guild. I can also, of course, make Enhancements, Hilts, Dyes, and some Color Crystals from Artifice. Also Max on Cybertech and Armortech. I do make Augments and a few misc other end game things from other crafts. I am working on everything else! I don't have a whole lot of lower level stuff but its random so just ask!

I only charge the purple mats it takes to make whatever item you need, if I don't have a specific mat I may ask you to get it for me, but I never expect to make a profit off the guild so don't worry about tip or what have you.


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Lsurah's many skills
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